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How is your service free?

The BEAHERO service is offered at no cost to schools and select non-profit organizations. This is possible through the purchase of advertising packages by Business Sponsors. Sales of these packages covers the operational costs to provide a membership-based mobile app for use in fundraising projects.

Do I have to sign a contract or agreement to participate?

No. Neither schools, non-profit organizations nor businesses are required to commit to any type of ongoing contracts or agreements. All participation is on a month-by-month basis.

What is the cost of the Sponsor Packages?

Sponsorship packages are priced monthly per organization supported. Cancel at any time.

  • GOLD secures a placed at the top of the directory listing ($100/mo)

  • SILVER is next inline after GOLD, but still toward the top of the listing ($75/mo)

  • BRONZE follows slightly lower in the listing - our most popular entry level ($50/mo)

  • BASIC has no label and falls last, but at a price that allows everyone to participate ($25/mo)

As a Sponsor, what is the advantage of updating my advertisement daily?

Business Sponsors are allowed to update their advertisement once per day. The first advantage by doing so is that within each package level displayed, the most recently updated ads are prioritized towards the top. So, updating your ad on a regular, daily basis means that listing will also fall towards the top within your participating package group; second, knowing that advertisements throughout the directory may be updated daily motivates supporters to return regularly seeking out the latest specials and discounts.

Do you accept MOXEY?

YES! We proudly accept MOXEY. Some participation restrictions may apply. To find out more, visit and contact Rick Greene at 318-545-2450 or

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